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      Open-access descriptors

Available open-access descriptors are as follow:

Variable Description
Night code Unique identifier for each PSG recording following the format CC-SS-XXXX where CC is the cohort number, SS is a subset number (unique within the cohort) and XXXX is a record number (unique within the subset).
Notch filter Whether or not a 60 Hz notch filter was applied during acquisition.
Recording reference EEG electrode used during recording.
Montage reference EEG reference used in the montage shared in MASS (CLE: computed linked-ear; LER: linked-ear with resistor).
AHI Index of apnea/hypopnea 
MA Micro arousal
PLMS Index of periodic leg movements in sleep
PLMS-A Index of periodic leg movements in sleep associated with a micro arousal
Type Type of recordings (adaptation: first night of a multiple-night protocol, no experimental manipulation performed; control: control subject of a study with a clinical population; placebo: subject having received a placebo but no other experimental manipulation)
Scorers ID Unique ID identifying the sleep stage scorer.
Scoring Rules Set of sleep stage scoring rules applied (either RK or AASM)
Page duration Duration of the scoring pages (either 20 or 30 seconds)


The open-access descriptor file can be dowloaded here (last update: August 1, 2015):

Open-access descriptors v2_2.xlsx





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