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To allow an access that is as unrestricted as possible while keeping high ethical standards regarding the protection of subject’s privacy, we have separated the information of the database in four kinds of data with appropriate access requirements. These types are as follow:

Biosignals: Polysomnographic data provided as EDF++ files including only the biosignals (EEG, EKG, EMG, EOG, etc.). Access to these files requires that the investigators submit a copy of their project (as approved by their local ethics board) and a proof of ethical approval. Upon reception of these documents, we will provide to the requesting investigators the whole set of PSG files. Access requests can be filed here .

Annotations: Polysomnographic annotations provided as EDF++  files. These can be accessed freely here .

Open-access descriptors: Comma-separated values (CSV) files including basic recording and scoring information. In some cases, sleep-related indexes are also included. These can be accessed freely here .

Restricted-access descriptors: CSV files including further information such as demographic (age, gender, education) variables. Access to these files requires stating the hypotheses that are to be investigated such that we may check that they do not conflict with other studies currently being ran. Requests can be filed here .




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